We introduce enterprise star moving toward the world.

(lnc.)Star Corporation Headquarters

developing the new designs with international
& improving the quality of products.

As a result of our strong commitment to product development since our establishment in
1979, we star corporation currently hold around 100 design patents & utility registrations &
export our products to over 20 countries. Based on the accumulated experience & technologies
for last 37 years, we, Star Corporation has been making all our effors to develop the new
designs with international competitiveness & to improve the quality of products.
In addition, we are totally giving ourselves up to supply the goods with the most competitive price
at the customer's desirable time. If you are with STAR, you will be successful.

Considering the required design, function & productivity by customers & even their
trust, we seek the quality stabilization & shortening the delivery time as well as the
price competitiveness by giving total solutions through one stop service from design to
mass production of ejection.
Having many high-speed processing facilities & specialized human resources, we
promise the development in the shortest time.(The advanced 3D system-Three-
dimensional CAD/CAM(3D-Modeling & the handmade mock-up manufacturing)

Recognized as our excellent quality. We have been supplying many local famous
brands & worldwide prominent brands with our OEM products.

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